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Sinister (2012) Review – 3Stars

*Spoiler Free*
A Saturday night at home with a few beers: What better way to watch a horror film?!

I went into this experience with absolutely ZERO expectations… but came out of it with a ‘slightly impressed’ opinion.

I have no idea if mythology behind the film is true, however, I liked it!
A fairly decent story too which, as far as I’m aware, is original.

I do love a good horror film and I very much enjoy it when they actually scare me.
I think we need a proper scare every once-in-a-while!
My biggest issue with horror films recently is the over-reliance on ‘noise scare’. You know the sort: loud bangs; an unseen character starting to talk, the phone rings….
Stereotypical and over-used.

Sinister does have a few of these scares and you can certainly see them coming from a mile off, but there are also some genuine scares too – And I loved it!

For what it is (a modern horror), Sinister is pretty good as a whole.
Well shot, well acted (Even the kids – unusual for me to say that!).
Nice bassy rumbles and grumbles added to decent audio.

Some story flaws, a degree of predictability but worthwhile watching.

I give Sinister: 3 Stars