Sinister (2012) Review – 3Stars

*Spoiler Free*
A Saturday night at home with a few beers: What better way to watch a horror film?!

I went into this experience with absolutely ZERO expectations… but came out of it with a ‘slightly impressed’ opinion.

I have no idea if mythology behind the film is true, however, I liked it!
A fairly decent story too which, as far as I’m aware, is original.

I do love a good horror film and I very much enjoy it when they actually scare me.
I think we need a proper scare every once-in-a-while!
My biggest issue with horror films recently is the over-reliance on ‘noise scare’. You know the sort: loud bangs; an unseen character starting to talk, the phone rings….
Stereotypical and over-used.

Sinister does have a few of these scares and you can certainly see them coming from a mile off, but there are also some genuine scares too – And I loved it!

For what it is (a modern horror), Sinister is pretty good as a whole.
Well shot, well acted (Even the kids – unusual for me to say that!).
Nice bassy rumbles and grumbles added to decent audio.

Some story flaws, a degree of predictability but worthwhile watching.

I give Sinister: 3 Stars



Peacher, Season 2 – Off To A Good Start! What are your thoughts?

The trailer for AMC’s second season of Preacher comes courtesy of Yahoo, who also point out the road trip-centric story, the arrival (in earnest) of the Saint of Killers (who was teased in the previous trailer), the stopover in New Orleans (where we may soon meet Xavier and Dee, among others), and the likely first look at Herr Starr. This new trailer should have Preacher fans, comic book or otherwise, pretty excited. Show creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will bring back Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Joseph Gilgun and Graham McTavish for the new season, along with other returning cast members and newcomers, later this month.

via Preacher Season 2 Trailer Suggests More Comic Book Lore | Collider

Hello, and Welcome!

Hi guys,

The day has come where I’m actually going to try and start using my website…

I imagine it’s customary to state in your first post how I’m not “a writer” and that anything I post here, can range in both quality and length.

Those of you whom may know me in person will probably know I’m not much of a talker unless you strike a subject for which I have a strong passion. Knowing this about myself, I’ve decided the most likely things you’ll see posted from me will be my thought/opinions and suggestions on three main subjects: TV Shows, Films/Trailers and Music.

Perhaps you’ll see the odd post regarding sport too. I’m an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan and I love Rugby Union (C’mon Lions! Great win this morning!).

I think I’m going to leave this post here… I don’t want to bore any readers just yet…

I’ll see you around!



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